Turn your phone into a virtual cash register.

Run your business in a modern way. Fiscalise sales on your smartphone wherever you are. Choose a cheaper and more flexible solution for your business. Have the cash register always at hand, in your pocket.  

Virtual Cash Register in snapshot

Thanks to the Virtual Cash Register app (Wirtualna Kasa Fiskalna, WKF), which you download to your smartphone from Google Play, you will be able to fiscalise receipts on your smartphone. Wherever you are.

WKF is a modern solution for entrepreneurs, significantly reducing the costs of business activity (see the questions and answers section> hyperlink).

The WKF application can also be considered as an alternative solution to existing fiscal cashier and printers (i.e. in gastronomy for drivers with home deliveries or for entrepreneurs running guest houses).

Management center
in your pocket

issuing invoices and receipts (Standard ERP application) collecting payments with a payment card (SoftPOS)  virtual cash register / fiscal printer (Virtual Cash Register)  SIM card - modern telecommunications services (Orange)  

Together with other elements of the SolutionsBay’s offer, such as a cash register on your smartphone, an application for issuing invoices and receipts, mobile telecommunications services or supply of a wide range of smartphone, you can create a management center for your company just on your phone.

SolutionsBay as one source. Mobile and modern.

Compare the benefits of the WKF application and the traditional hardware cash register

Virtual Cash Register WKF Traditional hardware cash register
Cost The cost of the license starts from PLN 35 net / month.

Additionally, you can lower your costs by suspending your license off-season (you don't pay the monthly subscription) when, for example, you closed the seasonal business.
The cost of purchasing a cash register starts from about PLN 1,200 net, and for fiscal printers even from PLN 2,200 net.
Device Any Android smartphone. You can even use your own telephone. You are forced to install or carry an additional device with you. you cannot use this device for anything other than the fiscalization of sales.
Additional offers SolutionsBay offers additional solutions that are not available to suppliers of traditional cash registers:

1.phone subscription starting from PLN 19.90 / month
2. a wide range of smartphones
3. financing the purchase of a smartphone - leasing or bank loan
4. full range of ICT services
Not available in practice. The offer of traditional cash register dealers does not go beyond the area of fiscalisation and the cash register itself.
Instalacja i fiskalizacja Self-care, No cost Requires a paid visit by a service technician (on average PLN 200 net)
Integration with a payment terminal Automatically in the app. On your smartphone, you can download card payments via the SofPOS application. More information about the SoftPOS application can be found here. Traditional cash registers (printers) are not integrated with the payment terminal. They require separate arrangements, often difficult to implement.

The so-called cash-terminals, specialized devices only for fiscalisation.
700 PLN tax bonus You can take advantage of the 700 PLN bonus You can take advantage of the 700 PLN bonus
Period of validity The validity period of the virtual cash register is 10 years from the date of fiscalisation
Access to sales data Unlimited access through the application on a smartphone or the Customer Portal on a Computer Not all hardware cash registers allow access to online sales data via a browser.

Only at SolutionsBay!

only with us you can additionally and in one place:

How to installand prepare WKF app for use?

If you wish, our Customer Care Dpt may assist you during the whole process of app deployment, and further if any issue appears.

sign the contract

download and activate the application

Voila! Your smartphone is ready to collect payments


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